Courier Guide

  • What is the Delivery Procedure?

    EZScrpt Delivery Process: Upon each delivery attempt:

    1. Knock on the door
    2. Call patient
    3. Check notes/chat for directions (if any)
    4. Call/chat pharmacy
    5. Action taken:
    6. Leave at the door (with permissions)
    7. Attempt redelivery next day
    8. MUST mark as a failed delivery and attempt delivery next day
    EZScrpt Completed Deliveries"
    • In-Person Delivery:
    • Signature = name of person who accepted delivery
    • Picture = of mailbox, house # to confirm delivery went to the correct address
    • Leave at Door Delivery:
    • Signature = LAD or Leave at Door
    • Picture = location of where order was left at

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  • I’m having issues scanning in a package

    • If you’re having difficulty scanning a package, it could be for a number of reasons. The most common reason is that the barcode was scanned in by the pharmacy incorrectly.
    • To fix this, type in the barcode manually by pressing the gray bar that appears at the bottom of the barcode verification screen.
    • Another reason it could fail is because of multiple barcodes. In this case, cover up the additional barcodes/qr codes and scan again. If that fails, you can attempt to enter it manually.
    • If all that fails, use our ScanFix tool. Make sure you type in the Job ID correctly both times or it will not work!

  • Where can I see my schedule and available work?

    Shifts are posted in WhenIWork

    1. Android
    2. iPhone
    Our name in WhenIWork is EZScrpt

  • In-depth Delivery Guide

    EZScrpt -STEPS FOR SCANNING/DELIVERY After making pick ups at all of your pharmacies you will then begin your delivery route. Your delivery route will be routed from your last pick up to your last delivery. STEPS FOR DELIVERY/SCANNING 1) tap on you first delivery 2) scroll down to barcode value, tap it 3) tap on the camera 4) scan barcode (not qc code) 5) you will see a ✅ that states VERIFIED (if you see that, that means you can go to the next step. If you do NOT see the ✅, follow the action below in 1. (c)) 6) at the bottom of the screen you will START in green 7) swipe the START to the right 8) once it takes you to the next screen, find barcode, tap it 9) tap on the camera 10) scan the barcode again 11) scroll to the top of your delivery page and you will see a blue direction (navigation)symbol, tap it 12) now you will follow the navigation to your first delivery 13) once you arrive at your destination, scroll down to images, tap it 14) select camera 15) find the delivery mailbox (or if going to an apartment the apartment number) and take a picture 16) tap ok 17) then follow your delivery steps from CORI app 18) once delivered, get the persons name you gave it to 19) scroll down to signature, tap it 20) you will see an open black box, write the person name in that box 21) tap the ✔️ at the bottom (in the middle) of the signature box 22) at the bottom of the page you will see SUCCESSFUL 23) swipe SUCCESSFUL to the right 24) once it is updated it will go to another screen and there you will tap continue and it will automatically take you to your next delivery.... 1. (a) If you can not get in touch with the patient, call the pharmacy and they will let you know where to leave the delivery. If you can not get in touch with the pharmacy call your trainer for further action. 1. (b) If you can not the reach patient and the pharmacy can not reach the patient and the pharmacy does not want you to leave it at the patient address, you will mark that delivery as FAILED (by swiping to the left of success). If you have a failed delivery you MUST return it to the pharmacy in which it came from the next day. (Only exception is the weekend. Then you will return it on Monday) 1. (c) If you can not scan your delivery, you need to take a screenshot of the delivery with the patient information, take a picture of the mailbox or apartment number and get the name of the person you delivered it to. Send those three items to your trainer so they can get it marked as a SUCCESSFUL delivery. THIS METHOD SHOULD NOT BE A FREQUENT OCCURRENCE. Before using this method, please contact your trainer before you proceed. Please try to scan your delivery several times before using this method. ***ALL DELIVERIES MUST HAVE A PICTURE AND A SIGNATURE *** (You will not be able to have a successful delivery without these two items.) ***DO NOT LEAVE MEDICATION IN THE MAILBOX *** (The mailbox is owned by the postal service. It is NOT for our use.) ***PLEASE KEEP YOUR PHONE CHARGED AT ALL TIMES...THIS IS A VERY VITAL PART OF YOUR JOB*** (Your phone is used in every aspect of your job with the exception of driving. Also, the pharmacy may need to contact you to relay essential information about a patient.)